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Is It Illegal to Stop Visitation When My Ex Stops Paying Child Support


Managing a split becomes a real juggling act, especially when kids are in the mix. And when your ex conveniently forgets about child support, the struggle is real. You might be tempted to “accidentally” forget about visitation too, but hey, let’s keep it legal, shall we?

No, it is not legally permissible. Visitation and child support are distinct matters regulated by separate laws. Ceasing visitation as a means to retaliate against your ex for non-payment of child support can lead to significant repercussions for you.

Remember, child support is a legal obligation – stopping visitation won’t magically make your ex’s payments disappear. They might struggle, but hey, there are legal avenues to tackle that. Just remember, withholding visitation isn’t one of them. Stay sharp and contact cabanaslawfirm.com for help.

Using visitation as a bargaining chip or a manipulative tactic? Not cool. It’s like emotional abuse, and trust us, that won’t do any good for your little ones. Kids deserve both parents in their lives, and denying them time with one just because of money matters? Definitely not the way to go.

Moreover, depriving visitation without a justifiable cause (like genuine safety concerns) might just land you in some legal hot water. Your ex can pull a move and take you to court to enforce visitation rights, leaving you in contempt for daring to break the custody agreement.

Remember, child support and visitation are like two separate dance partners – they shouldn’t be used to trip each other up. If your ex is dodging child support, legal help is your smoothest move. And if you’re worried about your kids’ safety during visitation, seek legal guidance for a solution that keeps their well-being in the spotlight without breaking the custody agreement.

Legally speaking, your ex can’t just ghost child support, and you can’t use visitation as a weapon either. Remember, both parties have obligations to fulfill. Using revenge tactics can backfire big time. Seek legal assistance to sort things out and keep your kids’ best interests at heart. Don’t let personal conflicts cloud your judgment.

Always Put Your Child First

While things may be messy behind the scenes, and it might feel like a game of tennis where you’re both trying to win points, your child wants you to know that they always come first. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you feel wronged, but hey, that’s the truth serum.

Children flourish with routine and structure, just like plants need water and sunlight. It’s crucial for their emotional well-being to have both parents actively involved in their lives. By cutting off visitation, you’re not just poking your ex, but also robbing your child of priceless moments with one of their super-parents. This could sow seeds of insecurity and hurt, growing into a mighty tree of long-lasting effects.

Instead of using visitation as a revenge tactic against your ex, let’s shift our focus to finding a solution that leaves everyone thinking, “Wow, they handled that with style!” Work with a family attorney and find a resolution that doesn’t affect the happiness of your child!

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