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How to Make a Professional Career in the Technology Field


It cannot be denied that the technology sector is the most dynamic field of development in the world. The emergence of new career opportunities is due to the rapid development of technology, new software development processes, increasing AI intelligence, improvements in cyber security, and also better data analysis, if you are interested and want to pursue technology. This article will discuss several things that you might need to build a professional career.

  1. Have education and basic skills

Before you pursue the field of technology, it would be good if you get a good formal education, in the technology field you will learn knowledge that will continue to develop, so it is not possible to only get formal education which is a responsibility, at least maybe you could consider taking education up to bachelor’s level, as an additional point If you are able to have a good degree in computer science, formal education and good basic skills will provide a good foundation of knowledge regarding technology fundamentals.

Apart from education, you are also required to have the skills to manage data concisely, such as mastering data and programming languages. It doesn’t stop there. If you are already proficient in one language, you have to get used to the possibility of learning a new, more complicated language. You can take additional online courses or classes if you want to deepen your knowledge of technology skills

  1. Take part in forming a professional network

Technology is a science that continues to develop, so you have to keep developing by following and looking for as many networking friends as possible, you can take part in various seminars that discuss the latest technology, have friends in the group who are experts in discussing technology, participate in making technology prototypes, these methods are effective in building ties and networks.

Mentor and Guidance

If you have capital or more money to allocate in looking for a mentor or mentor, don’t hesitate to do it, this will open up opportunities for you to learn knowledge that may not be available on the internet, your motivation will be formed here and help you in looking for career opportunities.

  1. Looking for the Right Company

Company Culture

Company culture greatly influences job satisfaction and career development. Looking for a company that has a culture that matches your personal values ​​and way of working is important. This includes companies that support professional development, offer learning opportunities, and have a healthy work environment.

Development Opportunities

Companies that provide opportunities for career development, such as training, mentors, and clear career paths, can help achieve long-term professional goals. Choose a company that supports growth and provides opportunities to contribute to innovative projects.

  1. Career Evaluation and Adjustment

Periodic Evaluation

Carrying out regular evaluations of career progress and long-term goals is important. Reviewing accomplishments, acquired skills, and setting new goals can help stay focused and motivated.

 Flexibility in Career

The technology field offers many different career paths. The flexibility to switch paths or change specializations according to interests and market needs can keep a career relevant and fulfilling.

  1. Practical Experience

If you want to start experience when you can’t work for a company, there’s no harm in developing a project that you can do yourself, this can be a momentum for you to hone your skills, how far you can develop and show real results that can be achieved. attract the company’s attention.

Internships and First Jobs

Interning at a technology company is a great way to gain real-world experience and understand how theory is applied in practice. You can become a software developer who handles application development problems, become a web developer on sites such as slot online. Internships also provide the opportunity to network with other professionals and can be a way to get a full-time job after graduating.

  1. Continuous Professional Development

Lifelong Learning

Technology is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep learning and updating skills. Taking online courses, seminars, and technology conferences can help stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Many technology professionals also join online communities and forums to discuss and share knowledge.

Professional Certification

Certifications from well-known organizations such as Cisco, Microsoft, or Google can increase credibility and highlight expertise in a particular field. These certifications are often recognized by the industry and can add value to the recruitment process.

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