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5 Major Reasons to Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Hood


Cleaning is an important part of the food industry, especially the kitchen. Cleaning is not fun, but it is a necessity. Kitchen cleaning will not only keep everything sanitary but also protect the customers and staff from health-threatening hazards.

In general, food safety is the most important part of kitchen cleaning, but there is another dimension that we have to go beyond that. Cleaning is the one responsible factor for the air quality.

Let’s find out the most compelling reasons why it is essential to clean the kitchen hood.

Reason #1 — Degrease from Both Inside and Outside

First of all, you need to wipe away all the grease and garbage on and around the hood. Scraping when food and grease particles have begun to form and accumulate may be necessary. Let’s not hesitate to get professional assistance in terms of grease hood steam cleaning that will also remove grease in order to tackle the excess buildup of any type.

Reason #2 — Clean the Hood Filters

The next step is to remove the filters from the hood and clean them all up. If the dishwasher lets it, the range hood filters can even be washed with dishes. It is essential to apply a degreaser and rub the filters to wash them thoroughly with the grease removed.

Reason #3 — Clean the Grease Trap

In most cases, this operation occurs in the two-hood system. The grease trap catches waste-intensive products such as fats, oils, and grease particles from fryers or stoves, which otherwise would flow to kitchen ventilation systems or sewage pipes and clog them.

Note: don’t misidentify your hood’s grease trap with the one in your restaurant.

Start with your grease trap. Throw away the grease and other particles that accumulate there in a responsible way. Scrub vigorously and rinse all grease traps using a degreaser.

Reason #4 — Clean Hood-Exhaust Fan System

The hood fan as well is dismounted and this means that it is detached in the cleaning process. Take out the fan and give it a good scrubbing to eliminate the big pieces of debris first. And then, you rinse it thoroughly and put it in the dishwasher for further cleaning.

Reason #5 — Clean the Hood Duct

Hood duct is a term for the visible section of the hood over the grill. Scrub and clean both the inside and the outside of the hood with the same degreaser that you selected for the other kitchen hood components.

Degreaser will be your best ally in every session of degreasing. Once everything is clean and dry, start organizing and reinstalling it all in its proper location. It needs to be neat and fixed for anyone who wants to use it.

When to Clean Your Hood System?

Frequent cleaning needs to be done on a daily basis but this rule also includes your hood system. The light superficial cleaning of the hood duct must be performed daily. It is better to leave hood removal and cleaning for once a week.

Talking of deep cleaning, we also recommend that you do an intense, deep cleaning of the hood system every quarterly or monthly. You could hire a professional hood cleaning service to execute the deep cleaning for you.

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