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5 Benefits of Investing in IOC Shares


Indian Oil Corporation or IOC is one of the largest publicly traded oil and gas companies in India. As the country’s number one oil marketing company, IOC has a vast network of pipelines and fuel stations across the country. It also engages in exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas through its subsidiary companies. Given its leadership position and essential role in India’s energy sector, according to ioc share price, IOC shares can be a good investment option for investors looking to benefit from India’s growth story.

1. Steady Dividend Paying Company  

IOC has a consistent track record of paying dividends to its shareholders every year without fail. It has maintained a dividend payout ratio of over 50% for many years. Even during volatile market conditions or weak profitability in some quarters, IOC has continued to reward shareholders. As a result, IOC shares are favoured by investors seeking steady income from dividends. The current dividend yield of IOC shares is over 4.5%, higher than many other blue-chip companies.

2. Exposure to India’s Energy Demand Growth

With India’s economy and population continuing to expand rapidly, the demand for petroleum products in the country is projected to steadily rise in the coming decades. IOC, as the leading oil refiner and fuel retailer, is well positioned to benefit from this long-term growth in energy consumption. Even a small increase in India’s oil demand can translate into a large increase in volumes for IOC, boosting its revenues and profits over the years. Investing in IOC shares provides participation in India’s energy sector without having to take direct exposure to volatile crude oil prices.

3. Strong Brand and Distribution Network  

IOC has built one of the strongest brands in the oil and gas sector in India over several decades of operations. It also has the largest network of fuel stations and pipeline infrastructure in the country which helps it maintain significant leadership. This wide distribution and logistics network acts as a strong competitive barrier, making it difficult for new players to challenge IOC’s dominance. The brand value and distribution strength provide assurance of stable cashflows and returns on investment in the long run.

4. Regular Capital Returns

In addition to dividends, IOC also provides regular capital returns to its shareholders from time to time. It follows a policy of periodically buying back its own shares from the market if the stock price falls significantly below the company’s intrinsic value. The last share buyback of IOC was conducted in 2020 at a premium to the market price. Such capital distribution measures enhance the total returns for long term investors in IOC shares.

5. Inexpensive Valuation

Despite its leadership position and steady business model, IOC shares usually trade at a discount to its larger global peers as well as the broader market averages. This is primarily due to concerns around government interference in pricing and investment decisions. However, the current stock valuation of IOC is very reasonable and inexpensive relative to its earnings and dividend paying ability. At these levels, investing in IOC provides an attractive risk-reward proposition for patient long term investors.


Investing in shares of Indian Oil Corporation provides stable returns through dividends and capital appreciation over the long run to 5paisa investors. It gives exposure to India’s secular energy growth story while maintaining a strong balance sheet. With its dominant market position, nationwide infrastructure and reasonable valuation, IOC makes for a good investment for both income and capital gains. Investors seeking a steady blue-chip stock for their portfolio can consider adding IOC shares.

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